The importance of link building for bringing traffic and improving SEO

The importance of link building for bringing traffic and improving SEO

A backlink is simply a link to your website on another website. Links pointing to your website are also called inbound links. The more backlinks pointing to your website from other high-quality websites, the higher Google ranks your website in its search results. The best backlinks come from trusted editorial sources such as news sites and popular blogs that choose to reference you in an article or blog post. These links are free advertising and help your search ranking. On the other end of the backlink quality spectrum, spam links can hurt your website's reputation and your ranking. For example, posting your website URL in dozens of unmoderated comments or forums can cause Google to lower your ranking because the quality of the backlink sources is low.

So how do you get good backlinks? You have to work for it, especially if you are just setting up your website. There are entire books, websites and industries dedicated to the art and science of link building, but for starters, you can some of the following link building strategies.


This is the most difficult of the strategies in this list, but also the most valuable. Give the Internet what it wants: useful, reliable information. Our vintage BMW parts seller can blog about how to do certain repairs or what to look for in older BMWs. This is content that other fans and writers of early BMW models are likely to seek out and share, which in turn leads to the coveted editorial links.


Posts on other people's blogs may not have the same SEO effect as editorial links, but they can give you a boost and give your business a larger audience. Only publish posts on quality sites and write something that your audience or industry peers will be happy to use and share. Day spa etiquette might be a good topic for our hypothetical Madison business.


Is there a reliable business directory for your niche or location? Are links reviewed before they're added to screen out spam? If so, submit your site for inclusion.


If your company has something new coming up, like opening a new location or launching new products, a press release can raise your profile and give you a little SEO boost if you do it right. This step-by-step guide will help you write a press release that gets results.


If your business is local, you should maintain your Google My Business listing and other local profiles (Yelp, Eater, etc.) to perform better in local search results. In this post, you'll learn how to optimize your Google My Business profile.
The most important thing about link building is that it's a process. Creating good content, building relationships with potential guest bloggers, and writing press releases when there is news are habits that will benefit your search engine optimization  and your business.