Best PHP hotel site, booking and hotel marketplace scripts 2021

1) PHP Hotel Site

PHP Hotel Site is a one-stop PHP hotel website solution featuring a front-end where the users can book rooms, see the hotel features, photo gallery, special offers and others and also an administration panel / CMS allowing the hotel owner / website administrator to manage the available room types, process the online bookings, edit the website pages, create photo galleries, post information like frequently asked questions and their answers, create special offers and voucher codes and many others.

PHP Hotel Site is written in PHP and is using a MySQL database to store the data. From the admin panel it's possible to easily customize the website, its colors, layout and template, the different configuration options, home slider and background images and many others.

The software is also provided with the complete not encrypted source codes allowing you to make modifications in them or add custom features you may need, and also free technical support and free installation service on your preferred server or hosting package.


2) uHotelBooking

uHotelBooking is a hotel reservation system written in PHP that allows you to create online reservations and customer management websites. The hotel owner can manage room types, hotel rates and booking options. The administrator panel and online reservation manager at the back-end includes invoices and reports functionality. Visitors of your hotel site will be able to search room availability with an online booking reservation system. They also could view room inventory, check availability and book reservations in a real-time.
Some of the main features of the script include default and weekly day prices for rooms, bookings management and history, reporting module, room availability calendar, dynamic price calculation, availability calendar on room description page
Integration with external site, CMS for pages with WYSIWYG, iPad, Tablet and Smartphone compatibility, multi-language support
Multi-Database support, multi-currency support, self-automatic currency rates update, customer registration and login, VAT calculation by countries and others. 


3) PHP Hotel Marketplace

PHP Hotel Marketplace is an advanced multi-hotel and multi-user website systems allowing to create websites like the popular or where multiple hotels or property owners can register and offer their properties to visitors and online reservations. The website owner can monetize the website by creating different hotel packages and charging the hotel owners fees depending on the package they select. 

The script  can be installed easily on your preferred server or hosting package (a free installation service is also offered by the software company) to create your own website like popular AirBNB and Booking in a matter of minutes. You can use then the administration panel to customize the site colors, local settings like currency, languages, payments, manage the registered users, bookings, website pages, templates and others.
It comes with multiple features for the users and website administrators to create and manage the different room types, add the hotel rooms, set the rooms pricing, for the users to search and book the rooms and for the hotel owners to review and confirm the bookings, charge them a fee or deposit to guarantee their booking, also to create photo galleries, list the hotel and room facilities, post news, send newsletter to the hotel guests, edit the site pages and many others.
PHP Hotel Marketplace is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store the data. It can be installed on any PHP and MySQL enabled hosting package (nearly all hosting packages support them) or your own dedicated or virtual private server.
The software is also provided with the complete not encrypted source codes allowing you to make modifications in them or add custom features you may need, and also free technical support and free installation service on your preferred server or hosting package.


4) PHP Hotel Booking

If you have an existing hotel website and just interested in adding a room booking functionality in it, then the PHP Hotel Booking script can be a good option. It's easy to integrate and also not using any MySQL or other relational database - the information is stored instead in local XML files, so it can be used on different servers and operating systems.

It has a front-end showing a booking form allowing the users to select the number of guests, check-in and check-out dates and then the search results - the list of available rooms for the selected dates.
The users can select the room they prefer and then complete the booking by filling the booking details form.

The administration panel coming with the script allows the administrator to see and manage the new bookings, approve or reject them, manage the room types, add new rooms or manage the existing ones, and others.
It also allows to manage the different settings like the website time zone, currency displayed on the site, date format, admin email etc..


5) PHPJabbers Hotel System 

The PHPJabbers online hotel reservation system is built in PHP and uses MySQL to store data. The script provides a powerful room booking and reservation management functionality and allows you to install a clear call-to-action tool on your hotel website which will impact conversions and increase bookings. The room booking system is highly customizable and compatible with various website types. Some of the main script features include the possibility to accept bookings online, a complete room booking system to provide hotel managers with an easy way to manage reservations and booking availability, editable booking form,  room management, the room booking system allows you to create different room types, upload high-quality images, edit room description, specify maximum room occupancy, add room numbers for each room type, etc., define which customer details the front-end system will require from customers using simple drop-downs for each booking form field, manage special offers - launch fixed or percentage discounts for different periods, add holiday packages and FREE-night promotions, select and enable the payment methods which match your business best - PayPal, Authorize.Net, CC payments, wire transfers etc.