Advantages of not using a relational database like MySQL in simple websites and no database PHP script examples

The need to store big data on a long-term basis, and to recover it efficiently, has provoked over the years the creation and development of various complex database systems like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and many others.

While their usage for storing and managing big data websites is undisputable, many small websites nowadays often with just a few pages continue using multi-tables relational databases with a complex structure (with just Wordpress sites using MySQL being approximately one half of the websites in the world).

For small websites the usage of complex relational databases like MySQL has also different disadvantages like making the website installation more difficult (it's necessary to create a MySQL separately, install the website database and create a database configuration file for the site), requiring special hosting supporting MySQL, making the site slower (usually on shared hosting packages, thousands of websites are hosted on one server and they all make their connections to a single MySQL server causing very often server overloads and slow response times) and others. 

The usage of no database PHP scripts for such websites (storing instead the information in XML or flat files or CSV or other file format structure) could make the sites very easy to install and to execute. We present you below such examples of NoSQL site scripts that can be used for different types of websites or business activities.

1) Blog Lite

Blog Lite allows to create simply blog sites or to add a blog functionality in existing sites. It can be an alternative to simple WordPress blog sites and be run easily on any operating system.

2) Easy Cart

As the name suggests, easy cart is a shopping cart script that can be easily installed to create simple and fast running e-commerce sites or to add a shopping cart functionality in existing sites.

3) PHP Poll

PHP Poll allows to create only polls and stores the poll results in XML files - it doesn't use any relational database and it's provided with the full source codes.

4) PHP Survey

With this script you can create online surveys like custom satisfaction or educational surveys and manage them from the administration panel coming with the script.

5) Classified Ad Lister

Classified Ad Lister a mobile-friendly PHP script with which you can publish classified ads on your site. It's fast to run and highly customizable.

6) PHP Hotel Booking

PHP Hotel Booking can be used to add a room booking functionality in hotel sites - it allows the administrator to define different rooms with different features and pricing and the users to book them for selected dates.

7) News Lister

This is a popular news management script, which is very fast to run and not using any relational database. It's provided with the full not encrypted sources, free installation and can be used on any PHP enabled hosting.