Why Drupal has an Upper-Hand over WordPress?

If you are an online entrepreneur, planning to establish your web business soon, the choice of an apt content management system is the first challenge you are poised with. Although there are many options to choose from, but WordPress and Drupal emerge as the strongest contenders. Both CMS offer an array of features that enhance the functionality and performance of an online portal.

WordPress is widely known for its blogging capabilities but as a content management system Drupal has gained more accolades. Drupal development services clearly have an upper hand over WordPress when it comes to content management capabilities.

Why? Let’s take a look.

#1.) Security: From security point of view, Drupal is far superior to WordPress, thanks to its constant updates and open-ended code. WordPress, on other hand, has black spots in form of security risks and data loss.

#2.) Superior Interface: Drupal was solely designed to handle content management issues while WordPress was designed primarily to be a blogging platform. Thus, Drupal offers a more superior interface to cater to your business needs. It is capable of handling multiple users, multiple pages and an array of content modules. Thus, it evolves with the user rather than the user having to evolve with it.

#3.) Advanced Solutions: When loopholes occur in a technology, you need solutions that fill these holes. Drupal has infinite solutions at its disposal. If ever an issue crops up while you are using Drupal, you have the option of making modifications, installing plug-ins and a lot more. In WordPress, you have to deal with a lot of set features. Drupal bestows you with flexibility options.

You might find a lot of people singing praises of WordPress, but if you get down to the roots of the matter, Drupal is clearly a winner. So, the next time you launch an online venture, hire Drupal developers and make Drupal your ultimate choice.




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