Treat Your PHP Application Defensively Now!

During the recent years, the demand of PHP applications has recorded phenomenal growth. With such soaring hike, the scope of PHP web application development has also expanded. Sadly enough, this has also encouraged hackers and other anti-social elements to increase the quantum of their malicious acts. Thus, it becomes essential that you develop you PHP site in a secure and reliable manner and protect your website against any malware threats. There are three aspects in PHP that are more prone to hack attacks. These are global variables, SQL code and XSS. Thus, protecting these elements becomes imperative. Here are a few tips that can aid you in doing so:

  1. Global Variables: PHP has a feature called “Register Globals”. This feature creates an accessible empty space within your program, which makes it highly susceptible to malware threats and hack attacks. As this feature is activated, if any variable is uninitialized, it leads to serious issues. To counter this problem, you must use localized variables, initialize each variable, and disable register globals.
  2. SQL Code: SQL code is as vulnerable to online threats as the global variables. In order make an SQL code more secure, there are few things that you must keep in mind. Firstly, prevent yourself from using dynamic code and secondly, if use of dynamic code is inevitable, then refrain yourself from putting direct input in the table.
  3. XSS: XSS is quite vulnerable to malicious attacks. As a user logs on your site to enter some information, his login details get stored as cookie in the browser. As JavaScript is generally enabled, chances are high that a remote server operated by some malicious entity can access the information stored in the cookie. In order to prevent this from happening, use appropriate filters whenever you accept some information on your website. If the filters detect some inappropriate input, use the die () function to move out from that task. This will filter the details that are entered as input and then will be forwarded to the database of your site. Again, before the output is sent, it will be filtered.

These are the three most significant tips that will help you in developing secure PHP web development solution . A systematic approach towards safeguarding your PHP application can ensure that your web venture is successful.



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