Ten Tips to Become a Better PHP Developer

PHP is a server side scripting language that is extensively used by PHP development companies for creating web solutions for their clients. PHP developers are highly regarded today and really talented PHP developers are always in demand.

In this post, we are listing 10 tips for budding programmers who want to become expert PHP developers.

1.) Try to use PHP core functions and classes whenever it seems suitable. There are usually pre-developed functions and classes for something that you might try to do in PHP.

2.) Create a master configuration file. You must have a master file which should contain all the database settings at one place. This file could be easily included in the PHP scripts that you write for your projects.

3.) Always remember to sanitize the data that you want to enter into the database. This will save a lot of headache will definitely occur otherwise in the future.

4.) Make it your habit to turn on the error reporting feature in PHP while in development phase.

5.) Make sure that proper comments are left in the code but it should not be over crowded.

6.) Try to keep snippets of codes that are to be used frequently in development. In PHP development there are usually situations where same code is used more than once in the site. Don’t write fresh code every time; try to use the same code again.

7.) A good PHP developer will always use a good source editor that can help in saving some development time.

8.) You should use an administration tool for working on MySql as it will speed up the database development.

9.) Most developers believe that writing their own code from the scratch without using any framework is considered as an expert developer. However, this is not true as an expert PHP developer will always try to use a decent PHP framework to speed up the process and create a better and more functional website than that developed otherwise.

10.) Have connections with other PHP developers as there are thousands of other developers out there who know to do some things better than do and there always will be some. It is always better to stay connected with them and seek their guidance whenever required.

About the Author: Chris Miller is a blogger cum web developer @ Xicom Technologies. Xicom technologies is a top-notch software development and PHP development company operating from New Delhi, the capital of India. Xicom owns three state-of-the-art development centers in India which are equipped with latest technologies and modern equipments to facilitate the development of top-notch solutions only.



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