Shipping: A success method for an e-Commerce

A shipping process and its tracking has always been proved to be important function for an e-commerce website. Customers always love to have updates for their orders and shipping tracking always been one of the best option, which allows your customers to track their orders by their own. Now having tracking method available on your website is not good enough these days, you need to be more and more transparent and careful about shipping with best of usability in that section as well because easier the process more the trust will be there for your website. So In this post we are going to discuss about few important tips regarding the e-commerce shipping, which will eventually leads to more and more customers and hence the more and more sales on your website.

  • Allow your customers to move around your website as much free as possible, do not ask for log-in to view shipping details like price and time or even TnC on your website. Make these information available easily and gain the trust of your customers.
  • If you are targeting single country or have ability to ship within a single country only, try to post the shipping charges and information on product page itself. It would be better if you think shipping charges can vary depending upon the products as well.
  • You have global customer base and targeting a larger number of countries, try to create a dedicated page for shipping charges, methods and carriers. Possibility of order get increased if you have mechanism to calculate shipping charges based on their locations.
  • Try to post all possible information on your shipping page for your customers coming from another countries. Let them know how shipping works on your website, how much delay or time it would take to reach orders to them.
  • Try to make your shipping charges as minimum as possible because customers only over to pay for the price of product not for unnecessary add-ons. So long story short, keep it minimum to make your customer not to feel it’s a profit center of your website.
  • Give free shipping options after a certain level of product prices, so that customer become comfortable ordering that much amount of products.
  • Provide facility to send orders to shipping very next day, so that possibility of reaching to customer increases.

Customers are rarely bothered about the shipping until it’s a big price to pay, so keeping this fact in mind and comparing yourself with your competitors always gives you great benefits. Never make your customers move around without legit information on your website, it always confuses them leading to loss of potential customers.




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