Top 5 Websites Developed in CakePHP

Top 5 Websites Developed in CakePHP

Top 5 Websites Developed in CakePHP

Cakephp is one the most popular open source platform for developing dynamic web applications. You can use Cakephp for developing highly robust database driven websites. But what is so special about Cakephp? The most important feature of Cakephp is that it is derived from Ruby on Rails, a very successful web development framework, and provides a rapid development platform to developers. The ease and rapidness of development allows developers to create highly cost effective websites using Cakephp framework.

We have listed below top 5 Cakephp websites. This list is not a ranking list; it just presents best of Cakephp websites.

Mapme is a relatively new website but it effectively showcases the scope and capability of Cakephp framework. This website allows users to create their own maps by using mapping tools available on the website. Users can create a map of their favorite places, travels and destinations. They can also create a community map where everyone can add their own locations, images and videos. Further, the website also provides a social platform where users can share their maps with their friends.

Educationunlimited is one of the leading summer academic enrichment program provider based in California. They conduct college admission prep camps which aim at preparing high school students for gaining acceptance into the colleges of their choices. The website features extensive information and functionalities. Users can gain information about various programs and other general topics related to the course. Additionally, users can also apply online for camps of their choice.

Elite performance and fitness is a sport performance and fitness enhancement company which offers medically formulated performance enhancement programs customized according to individual clients. The website has a simple yet attractive design which resembles the seriousness of their work. It provides complete information about the services offered by the company along with all the packages, pricelists and programs. 

Do you love TV series? If yes then checkout It is a social networking platform for television series lovers. The website allows the users to sign up and login with their username/password. Users can search television shows and share their favorite shows with their friends. The website also keeps a record of users TV history and suggests them shows according to their likes and dislikes.

Everybody wants gas at the lowest prices. Isn’t it correct? Well here is a website that can save you from driving around and guessing the lowest gas price in your area. Users can update the gas prices on the website and when they want they can view the location of the lowest gas price station on a map. It is an easy and fast web application that is useful for every vehicle owner. The website has a very attractive design and offers great user experience. The website offers maps on which users can add and locate gas stations. Overall it is a great website that can help you save money on your gas expenses.