PHP: Why to choose over others

PHP: Why to choose over others

Now a day’s most of the web development services providing companies become hardcore fan of PHP just because the ease of everything it offers. Another reason of becoming PHP this popular can be complexities and costliness of other web development technologies like .NET and Java (JSP). This article will concentrate on a mild comparison in between JSP and PHP. JSP is no doubt a very powerful web application development technology but these days using JSP for the same is like using bazooka to kill a homefly, which in turn definitely kill your target but with the price  of other unimaginable destructions. JSP needs  high priced set of hardware, a great deal of time to develop (or write fresh code) or update the application, which makes JSP an extra expensive and complex web development technology.

Followings are few points, where we find a great comparison scenario in between PHP and JSP:

-    Programming Approach

  • JSP: Complete Object oriented, generate clean code structure but way too descriptive and creates complexities while writing codes.
  • PHP: Scripting language, supports OOPs with its 5th version more over quick and functional coding structure allowing you to use OOPs with your convenience.

-    Database Access Features

  •  JSP: Uses JDBC standard structure or EJB struts built over JDBC, becomes complex and unnecessarily descriptive. Same API usage for all the databases.
  • PHP: Dedicated inbuilt libraries for most commonly used databases. Hence a tight integration with Oracle, MySQL and PostGre SQL with robust and easy to use functions.

-    Extensibility

  • JSP: It uses Java classes and Libraries to extend the functions and run in sandbox which makes server integration a bit tricky and time taking.
  • PHP: PHP, C or anything that can be executable by the OS over server can interact easily with a great support to native codes.

-    Learning curve

  • JSP: One needs a decent understanding of Java and its coding structure with knowledge of classes and packages.
  • PHP: Do you have basic knowledge of C/C++, then PHP is halfway through. (Nothing more to say) !

-    Hardware Cost & Requirement

  • JSP: A much costly deal, needs specific hardware configurations along with expensive software.
  • PHP: Cost of server start from as low as UD$2 to the cost you need for your small, mediocre or largest web application.