Getting Started With Python

Some of you may be wondering how to break into Python, to start using it right away. It depends on your experience. The Python community is in a really awkward place right now, it’s suddenly starting to be attracted to girls, growing hair in odd places, and having a tough time transitioning to Python 3. This is actually where the pragmatism comes in… at a cost of speed.

So if you have decided to move ahead to break into the fort of python, than a fact is waiting for you that is, now if you will start learning the Python you will actually be learning P3 but using P2.6 and if you are lucky may be its P2.7. You have to check that why some piece of code or format does not work with the existing Python.

To really make a hole in the gate of Python fortress, it also depends on what have you been handling till now….

For the starters from level zero, Learn Python The Hard Way is the best one to try on. It will make you understand the most basic rules of programming because it was written by an amazing programmer him self.

For someone with experience in programming, or at least a generalist understanding, there is none better than The Python Tutorial, followed by Dive Into Python 3.

And for those who are all set to give it a hand try, use the Quick Python Book to get a army of elements to help you with.

And last but not least, every type of programmer dealing with Python is advised to read The Python Style Guide .

When you’re done learning Python, and you want to build websites you should check out:

Now you are really all set to move further and you should learn about WSGI. Unfortunately you’ll find few conflicts Python3 and WSGI, so you may not want to miss this.

Finally, when you’re facing the frameworks and you have your pip started dancing on you tunes.Go through about Virtualenv, Virtualenvwrapper and Fabric. These are the latest one to be used.

That’s how you get started, but to get good at it, you have to build stuffs on your own.


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  1. Anoop says:

    There are some really good links in this blog. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Idana says:

    Smack-dab what I was looking for-ty!

  3. Independence says:

    It’s much easier to understand when you put it that way!


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